Tolerate or Terminate? When Will You Decide?

Tolerate or Terminate? When Will You Decide?

 Tolerate or Terminate?

Have you been so caught up in the day-to-day activities of trying to 'make it work' that you've lost valuable time and energy on something that should have been resolved or dissolved a while ago?

How long will you choose to suffer.  Instead of looking at other people's pain and  judging them on their current trials and sufferings, reflect on it and see if the same  applies to you.  

What are you tolerating?  What you have accepted?  What have you been dealing with and keeping a secret?  What are you afraid to let go of due to temporary uncomfort? Can it be resolved or does it need to be dissolved?

Whether it's a manager who fails to address and resolve the poor performer on the team, a staff member who just accepts being berated and belittled by their boss, or even the hidden traumas in the don't have to tolerate it.

It's possible to get comfortable in the pain. So much so that the threshold forever expands.  We choose to tolerate because 'atleast the work is getting done' or we need the deadline to be met, to save a little more money, or to have a better plan.


There is resolution in dissolution.  Reflect, Decide, and Take Action. 

Will you decide to tolerate or terminate?

Next time, take faster action.  The longer you delay, the longer you (and everyone around you) suffer.

Instead of judging others from the sidelines, empathize and reflect on how you are probably making the same decision, but on a different scale. 




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