About Us

Welcome and Thank You for shopping KimUnity Soulutions LLC, where you'll find what we call 'relatable wear' that addresses misperceptions in hopes to create dialogue and unity between communities. 

We call it KimUnity Soulutions

If you’ve made it here, we must have something in common.  Whether in your workplace, your family, friendships, or just in your everyday whereabouts, misunderstandings happen.  

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From tone to facial expressions, being outspoken or quiet, attire to lifestyle, misconceptions have occured based on someone else’s standards, expectations, or life experiences.

You may have also noticed that not all solutions are good solutions.  Many are just one-sided opportunities. 

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This is why KimUnity Soulutions is so necessary..solutions with souls in mind.

KimUnity Soulutions involves applying (KIM) Karma, Intuition, and Mindfulness to your decision making process and is the pathway to achieving unity.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all…

1. Treated everyone like we (or loved one) would want to be treated (Karma)?

2. Listened and followed our (Intuition)? Knowing when to say ‘No’ when it doesn’t feel right.

3. Make it were less judgemental and more understanding (Mindful) of other's life experiences?

And, the great news is that we can accomplish this regardless of your current community associations mentioned above!

If you can relate and don't always have the energy to explain it, WEAR IT!

Join our KimUnity and be the Soulution that you want to see.

KimUnity Soulutions

Black Owned.  Woman Led.