Approachability. Are You Approachable?

Approachability. Are You Approachable?

Approachability.  Are You Approachable?

What makes someone approachable?  The Oxford Dictionary defines approachable as 'friendly and easy to talk to'.  But, is that it?  In the real world, is that all that's necessary?  Absolutely not.  To be friendly and easy to talk to assumes that interaction has already taken place. 

When I think of approachability, I'm thinking of 'from a distance'.  It's in the approach.  What is seen? What is heard? What is felt prior to arrival?  This is what is taken into consideration subconsiously, then consciously.  Crossed arms, facial expressions, stances, lack of eye contact, other body language, demeanor, and if close enough, aurora. 

Next, is what occurs once approached and engaged.  This is where the Oxford definition kicks in with determining if the person is friendly and easy to talk to.  Do they keep eye contact. stay engaged, and actually listen, are the open to varying opinions and insights, and do they make themselves available for conversation.

With all being said, approachability is helpful, but can also be misleading.  Approachability can be biased and based on misconceptions learned, experienced, and/or believed.

Are you approachable?  Says who?  What do people say you are?


While we subconsciously and consciously apply what we see to permanent thoughts and viewpoints and respond accordingly, it's vital that we go beyond that.  It's imperative that we extend grace and be mindful on both sides.  We truly never know based on what we see as sight can be deceiving as this is what most stereotypes are based upon.


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