The Right Way to Terminate

The Right Way to Terminate

What is the right way to terminate?

Will there ever be a right way? I believe that what we can agree on is that there are definitely some wrong ways.

In this new age of remote and hybrid workers, the relationship between employer and employee have become more impersonal. The pandemic allowed for it and created a comfort in distance.

With this being said, that distance has not been repaired. Whether physically, emotionally, or socially, it's hard to imagine how the empathetical and more personal aspect can be reclaimed...if there ever was a time. 

Fired via zoom, on the elevator, group calls, via emails, and all other ways that's been revealed through social media lately is proof and becoming the new norm.

Tune in to the next podcast episode as we further discuss our new way of being notified of terminations or laid offs.


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