Did You Get What You Expected?

Did You Get What You Expected?

Did You Get What You Expected?

Another day has passed and Monday is here.  How was it?  Can you believe that there are thousands and maybe millions of people out in the world who have been dreading Monday since last Saturday? And, on Tuesday, they are praying for Friday's quick arrival. Is this you?    

Be Careful of Your Expectations.

What are you preparing for?  What you focus on grows.  What you expect, occurs. Whether it's your job, a family member, a phone call or even a diagnosis, be mindful of your thoughts and expectations.

We all have fallen into this mindset, but it's important to be aware and pick yourself up. 


Let's look for the good and expect the best in every situation and watch it become just that. This will take practice, but will have so many benefits like decreased anxiety and depression, less mood swings, increased productivity, improved approachability and openess, which all can allow and translate into better health.

Be Careful of What You Expect...You May Just Get It. Expect the Best and Watch It Find You.

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