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Go On 2!

When is the best time to go, to start, to begin?

It all depends on the task as hand, but my latest revelation occured while at the gym.  It's not a 'go at your own pace' type of facility, but more of a group HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) environment. It's one workout for the entire group, for multiple reps, followed by another workout, then another, then another with minimal breaks in between.  But, what happens when you have reached your personal limit regardless of how many reps you have remaining?  You push yourself even more to keep up with the group until you eventually have to stop!

How long do you rest? How long will it take for you to catch your breath?  Are you waiting until you've fully recovered or partially?  Do you count to ten? Wait until you've been spotted and then quickly get back in motion?

Most of us have tried all the above.  What I've learned is that waiting until fully recovered is counter-productive; it delays progress, under-utilizes momentum, and is mentally taxing.

Whether you're a perfectionist, procrastinator or both, there may be a time when you have to go before you're all the way ready.  Nothing is perfect, nothing is certain...there's no such thing.  How long will you wait?  How long have you already put it off?  Are you waiting on the bells and whistles? Or, are you counting to ten for the third time?  

Realize that...

  1. There's not much difference between ten and two.  
  2. Waiting can cost you momentum and opportunity.
  3. It hinders mental toughness.
  4. Extended rest periods prevents you from identifying your peak performance and endurance levels.

Speaking from experience...You Can't Always Count To Ten...

Soulution: Sometimes You Have To Go On 2!   One, GO!



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