Person relaxing in the backseat of a car, looking content as they travel, symbolizing letting go of control.

When was the last time you let go of the wheel?


Time and time again, we are reminded that not everyone will see, understand, agree, or even support our vision.  It’s inevitable, but that doesn’t stop a visionary.   We continue and go out into the world taking one step at a time into the direction of our dreams. 

As we progress and find our way, the weight of responsibility grows heavier and heavier. The to-do lists gets longer, the calendar gets full, the phone calls are more frequent, and it seems like there’s not enough hours in the day.  How long will you continue to carry the entire load?  Is this you? 

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist, is it about a lack of resources, or is it more about control?

This reminds me of when I bought concert tickets for my teens’ birthdays.  The plan was to take a quick, 3-hour road trip, attend the concert, get a hotel for the night and return the following morning.  Do you know that I mentally and physically prepared myself to drive the entire way there and back?! I insisted! (even though both teens were able, licensed, and willing).  Just the thought of being on ‘high-alert’ and envisioning myself jamming on the invisible passenger-side brakes was too nerve-racking for me to agree to.  I had to be in the driver’s seat!

At what point do we relinquish control?

The question we have to ask ourselves is, “At what point do we relinquish control, if ever? This decision becomes much easier to answer once we realize that letting go of the wheel doesn’t mean abandoning our dreams or delaying our arrival. We can get there faster by jumping in the back seat.  By trusting the capabilities of others and embracing collaboration, we can get there faster using less energy from a single source while gaining more valuable resources.

Holding onto control at every moment is both exhausting and limiting.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Acknowledge that you don’t have to carry the weight alone.
  • Collaboration allows for diverse perspectives that lead to innovative solutions.
  • Delegating lightens your load and increases your ability to focus on higher-level decisions.
  • Seeking support from loved ones or guidance from mentors provides invaluable insights and encouragement to reaching your goal

If I had drove all the way there, attended the concert, and drove back, I would have been beyond exhausted…unnecessarily. And, why?  All because I believed I had to drive (be in control) to guarantee (safe) arrival to our final destination. I forced myself to change my thinking.  Instead, I got in the back seat, gave direction, and worked on other tasks on my list.

So, when do you let go of the wheel?

Soulution: It doesn't have to be instant; it can be gradual.  By loosening our grip, we gain the freedom to soar. Trust in the journey, embrace collaboration, and discover the joy of reaching your destination; not by carrying the weight alone, but by sharing the load and celebrating the journey together.

Buckle Up and LET’S RIDE!


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