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Uncommunicated Expectations

Uncommunicated Expectations

Have you ever found yourself continually frustrated due to someone else's actions or inactions?  Why is that?  Have you ever taken the time to figure out the root cause?

The frustration may stem from providing directions that are not followed or unmet promises and agreements.  On the other hand, maybe the expectation has never communicated.

Did You Let It Be Known?

In the words of George Bernard Shaw,  "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."  While I may not believe in all of his ideas, this statement couldn’t be more true, personally and professionally.

Have you ever created a project at work and submitted it only for it to be kicked-back to meet metrics not previously mentioned?  Or, maybe you expected your roommate to keep their space clean or to be mindful of the noise level. How about that one friend that requires consistent communication when you’ve never had that expectation?

I would think this occurs unintentionally for the majority of the times, but when one is aware their need hasn’t been communicated, it’s referred to as premeditated resentment.

The soulution for both is to have an open an honest line of communication.  


Ask questions, listen attentively, and repeat back what has been communicated and agreed upon.

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