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KimUnity Soulutions

Path to Unity Black Glossy Mug

Path to Unity Black Glossy Mug

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Path to Unity

This is where we're headed.  Just by following the three principles of Karma, Intuition, and Mindfulness we can get there. Treat others how you want to be treated (Karma), follow your Intuition so you know when to stay, play, or walk away, and Be Mindful.  Understand that we are all different and have different lived experiences.  Extend grace, empathy, and understanding (Mindfulness).

Welcome to your new favorite mug – The Path to Unity Black Glossy Mug. This stunning ceramic mug is perfect for all your hot beverage needs – from a hearty, warming morning coffee or tea, to an indulgent after-dinner latte. Sturdy and sleek with its glossy black finish, this is one chic cupboard essential!

At 11oz and 15oz sizes, you can choose the size that's just right for you – no longer worry about spilling over with too much liquid…or not having enough. And don't worry about breaking the bank either – this durability means saving money in the long run. Plus, it's microwave and dishwasher safe so cleanup is easy and breezy!

Ready to add an elegant touch of sophistication to any space? Let The Path to Unity Black Glossy Mug be your go-to companion on all occasions.

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